Full Bridal Styling Services

which style dress compliments your best features? which hair style would look best with your dress? What makeup colors look best on you and your bridesmaids? our full bridal styling includes superior service in assisting you with all of the above. let us take the stress out of your beauty planning. our bridal styling services include... 

  • book appointments per your schedule at YOU'RE choosing of bridal boutiques. 

  • search and recommend dresses & accessories for rehersal dinners, reception, bridal luncheons, bachelorette party, showers, etc. just tell us what you love! 

  • personalize a color pallet & styling board for you and your bridal parties hair and makeup services. (includes a personalized pinterest board for your bridal party)

  • send updated beauty emails to your entire party.

  • coordinate a beauty schedule for your big day. (this will be sent to your bridesmaids, wedding planner, photographer, etc. once it has been approved by the bride)

  • supervise the "getting ready" process the day of. this includes the supervision of hair styling, makeup services, any "getting ready" tweaks that need to be made. 


Beauty Scheduling & Supervising 

Youre big day is here! Everything needs to run a smooth as possible. that is what we are here for. Let us coordinate your specified beauty schedule and supervise in the hair and makeup process the day of. once you and your party have decided on hair and makeup services, we will put together a schedule with the time allotted. the schedule will include stylists arrival and set up time, hair and makeup services, time for touch ups and agreed stylists departure. 

the bride should be as calm as possible and enjoy every minute of her wedding day. We will be at YOU'RE "getting ready" venue to oversee that your schedule is going as planned and no detail is overlooked. 



Makeup Services

Basic Airbrush Makeup

basic airbrush makeup includes concealing any imperfections, your flawless face airbrush makeup in the CONSISTENCY of your comfort, amazing contouring, full eye makeup, and full lip makeup. 

Advanced Airbrush Makeup

Advanced airbrush makeup includes the concealing of any imperfections, your flawless face airbrush makeup in the consistency of your comfort, amazing contouring and highlighting, full eye makeup including false lashes, full lip makeup and an additional makeup setting service! keep your lip color, it's on us! 

Paramedical Airbrush Makeup

paramedical airbrush makeup includes the concealing and cover up of birthmarks, tattoos, and any extensive blemishes, burns, bruises, etc. 


Hair Styling Services 


Updo's never go out of style! wether you have an idea you are wanting to execute or need some assistance, your upstyling service includes your full updo and the overseeing of veil placement. 


you will look absolutely stunning with your perfect downstyle. your downstyle service includes your full downstyle and the overseeing of veil placement, just the way you ENVISIONED.


Half up-Half down Style

half up-half down styling is the perfect way to create the look you are wanting on your special day! this service includes your full half up-half down style and the overseeing of veil placement.  



We would love to hear from you! 

Please feel free to email us at brookelancasterbeauty@yahoo.com to inquire pricing and availability. Our email turn around time is approximately 12-24 hours. 


Thank you so much for your interest!