My story is a simple one, yet so full of joy & fun! Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, I have grown up appreciating all of the beauty and wonder that I am surrounded by daily. I realized from a young age, performing "makeovers" on all of my friends at sleepover parties, that I would one day express my excitement of beauty with the world.  My passion for making women feel beautiful about themselves, comfortable in their own skin while preserving their style and individuality consumes me without effort! To say the least, I experience just as much excitement about my "job" as the women who are going through they're exciting life event! The love for beauty, high end artistry and the simplicity of southern grace came together to give you Brooke Lancaster Beauty at the young age of eighteen. Before I had even found my own love story. Now, being married for four years and having a son of my own, I appreciate the artistry even more so. There will never come a day when I have seen one too many engagement rings, witnessed the excited tears of one too many brides, or felt one too many soon-to-be mommy bellies with precious little kicks. I am honored to be a part of your day. It is my pleasure to provide you with superior bridal styling, hair and makeup artistry. 

With So Much Love,

Brooke E. Lancaster